Why use a Planner

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a dream without a plan is just a wish!

Booking a free consultation is an opportunity for you to decide if a wedding planner is right for you?

You may be thinking why do I need a Wedding Planner; I can do this myself, what can they do that I can’t do myself I have google!

Having an experienced wedding planner that is separate from the venue management team to help run the day. Most venues have great management teams that know how to run a wedding in their venue however they are very structured and not familiar with your specific needs.

Wedding Carriage

Hiring a wedding planner, they have experience working with many different venues and handing different types of emergencies. Wedding venues could do multiple wedding over a weekend or even on the same day, how can they physically manage to spend quality time attending to your every need?

Your wedding planner ensures your wishes are carried out and being around to generally support you in the months and weeks up to the wedding whilst you are busy working, looking after your family or generally running around with your busy life can be invaluable. They can help at every stage from finding the venue, top suppliers and assist in keeping an eye on your budget. Working with suppliers there may be opportunities for them to negotiate and save you money.

When planning it is essential to be methodical and keep detailed record of discussion’s and agreements made with all the suppliers and the venue. All the timings must be managed including set up, where and when you can store decorations, cake and gifts.? On the day when and where photographs are to be taken, serving of dinner and speeches?

Friends and family can recommend suppliers but how many of them have worked with them and have a relationship with them to truly understand your needs or call about in case of an emergency? Having a wedding planner is that you don’t have those difficult conversations with suppliers when they say ‘we can’t’ do that’ but instead they say ‘of course we can do that’.

During the process for your wedding plans you will go through peaks of stress and having that support and shoulder to discuss and bring clarity to everything is a great benefit.

Making your wedding plans are romantic and should be fun and enjoyed by everyone.

Luna Wedding Solutions package up our services to suit your needs and budget. You will benefit from our expert knowledge at every step of the way.